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About Us

South Coast Customs (UK) Ltd is based in Hampshire, England and has one goal in mind; to supply the best in custom motorcycles, at affordable prices and a great range of parts and apparell

We offer a quality built custom motorcycle from the USA and we are the sole importers of the U.S.A 'factory' built custom motorcycles from Proper Chopper Inc.

Our parts, accessories and apparel are available online exclusively through our EBAY store, see our links page above 

About our Bikes

Each Custom Motorcycle we bring in from the USA is put through the UK, required MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Assessment) to ensure it is legal for UK roads. We then register and Road Tax it and the motorcycle is then ready to go. UK prices quoted are 'on the road' prices. All Freight, Import Duties, VAT and Registering costs are fully inclusive in our pricing, the only thing you need to do is insure it and ride it home and as our bikes are recognised as an official UK specified Motorcycle, insuring is NOT a problem as our bikes can be found on many UK comparison Insurance web sites so insuring our bikes are at incredibly low premiums 

Whereas a Personal imported bike or UK built custom bike are getting more and more difficult to insure nowadays. So what can seem a cheaper route initially in owning a custom motorcycle (importing it yourself or building a bike) usually works out more expensive after all duties etc. are paid and because of the stringent insurance problems harder to sell on later

About Proper Chopper Inc.

Proper Chopper Inc. has screened virtually every existing and emerging technology to seek out products that perform exquisitely and reliably at the best possible price, enabling Proper Chopper Inc. to offer quality custom motorcycles, without breaking the bank. Typical custom bikes of this caliber are usually only available to the more wealthy cliental but Proper Chopper Inc. produce premium custom motorcycles for the working man by minimizing production costs and keeping overheads low. Each Proper Chopper motorcycle is built with proven high-performance components, assembled by hand and bought to the UK by South Coast Customs (UK) Ltd

Since 2008 one of the worse recessions in recent history have taken its toll on the custom motorcycle business and many builders have now since gone out of business. Yet Proper Chopper Inc. and South Coast Customs (UK) Ltd have remained in business while many builders and bike businesses (big and small names) have closed their doors. We attribute this to keeping overheads down and quality up


'A Proper Chopper at a Proper Price'










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