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Proper Chopper motorcycles keep it traditional and simple. We offer 3 basic Models: Bobbers (Old School and Retro), Pro-Street and Chopper motorcycles  


You can go to our bike section (see tab above - Bike Gallery) and you'll see a Gallery of some of the bikes built by Proper Chopper over the years


There are various options available for the 3 models though:

  • Pro-Street (Softail or Hardtail 240 or 300 rear tyre)
  • Chopper (Softail or Hardtail 240 or 300 rear tyre)
  • Bobber - Old School (Softail or Hardtail)
  • Bobber - Retro (Softail)

All Proper Choppers are built around the S&S 107 cu.i and 113 cu.i engine, and all feature the latest and most innovative 6-speed transmissions, Brembo brake calipers, Avon tyres, American made Kraft-Tech frames, top quality billet aluminum forward controls, Chrome Housings, Chrome Forks, Rotors and Drive Pulleys

Proper Chopper utilize American made components wherever possible in keeping with the tradition of American made motorcycles. All models are based upon the theory of a pure chop; a stripped down, aggressive motorcycle that demands respect on the road. The clean lines of a Proper Chopper draws attention wherever it goes. Each motorcycle is based entirely on what works and what is proven to be reliable, while maintaining the classic look and feel of a real chopper


Many custom motorcycles over the years have been overstretched, fitted with ridiculously fatter and fatter tyres and set so low that they become: 'Garage Ornaments' or show pieces and are not rideable (except short distances)

Proper chopper custom motorcycles have remained loyal to the traditional Choppers and keep within the classic look of a custom motorcycle. All our Choppers can be Ridden and not Hidden

Our bikes are so well balanced and lightweight that even when fitted a 300mm tyre they can go round corners without the familar 'fall to the left' feel that poorley contsructed biokes tend to suffer from. Our bikes can be ridden for 100's of miles without an issue


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