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South Coast Customs is proud to be one of the distributers for one of the best Motorcycle Oils available - Lucas Oil USA

Manufactures 'own' Brands
There are a number of Oils and lubricants you purchase for your motorcycle and in many cases a motorcycle manufacture (via the dealer) will insist you buy their own brand of oil to preserve the motorcycle Warranty! This form of practice is however, NOT TRUE but it is used by most motorcycle dealers as a ploy to sell their product (which ironically is not their own oil, it is made for them!) Dealers however, tend not to divulge who makes their oil for them because it is usually an inferior product and given the choice, you would not purchase it

So Why do they do it?
Most manufactures of motorcycles offer a 'own branded' oil which in most cases is simply a fincnial business link-up with an Oil company. The business 'ties' a dealer have with Oil companies is usually based on who offers the dealer the best price

Do you 'have' to use their Oil?
No, absolutely NOT and any dealer insisting that you buy their brand of oil to keep your Warranty is clearly not aware of a U.S.A Federal Law and a Case known as the; Magnuson-Moss Act, which concluded that: If any Vehicle Dealer or Vehicle Manufacture insists you will void your Warranty if you use another company's oil, then that Dealer / Manufacture has to provide their oil to you FREE OF CHARGE
So do not be bullied by any Dealer or Manufacture in buying their choice of oil, insist on your own choice and demand the best: Lucas Motorcycle Oil

Lucas Motorcycle Oil is without question, one of the top brands of Motorcycle Oil available and, Lucas Motorcycle Oil meets or exceeds all OEM specifications of any Motorcycle Manufacture, so you know you are putting one of the best oils in your motorcycle

Can I use Car Engine Oil in my Motorcycle?
Absolutely not. Car oil even of the same in viscosity Temp (20W/50) differs greatly to motorcycle oil

Motorcycle engine comes under far more engineering stress and oil breakdown than a normal passenger car engine. The high reving and high tempreture of an Air Cooled Motorcycle requires a completely different type of oil than that used in a; low reving liquid/water cooled car engine

It is NEVER deemed good practice to use a lesser grade car designed engine oil for a Motorcycle engine

To see and buy oil for your motorcycle, please call us and we'll process your order, cal 023-8081-3699

We also stock gaskets and filters specifically for Harley Davidson and American V-twin Motorcycle engines

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